Admission Detail

Student who want to enroll in CITHMS must fill an application form and submit it before the due date. In case of any incorrect or misleading information, our institute is entitled to take legal action. Also, the student will be bound to leave the institute and will not be refunded any fees.

Admission Policies

Application Form

Students wishing to acquire an admission have to fill and submit a form signed by their financial sponsor. Anyone providing misleading or false information in the form will be expelled without the entitlement to refund the fee. Students wishing to enrol in any specific course will have to do so by a required date.

Language Requirements

Students applying for admissions will be required to submit evidence in the proficiency of English (reading, writing, oral and comprehension). The Academic Board has the right to require, from any student, to attempt any such written or oral exam to confirm the specific proficiency. Thus, final examinations are mandatory for everyone to attend.

Fee Requirements

Alongwith their admission form, students are required to deposit an amount of fee as determined by the Board of Admissions, which will be non-refundable. When a student gets their acceptance letter, they will be required to submit the fee by the given due date. Failure to comply to these rules will compromise the student’s enrollment process.
Students wishing to withdraw from programs will be required to discuss this with the Director.

Apply Now

Students interested to enroll in the program or wants to get further query about a specific course should fill the given form. After applying, our representative from admission department will contact you shortly as possible.

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International Affiliation

News Update

International Chefs’ Day

The students and faculty of CITHMS celebrated the International Chefs Day 2018 along with the industry professionals from the culinary industry. The celebration was followed by a cake cutting ceremony and an interactive session on ‘The Importance of the Culinary

Inaugration Ceremony

The inauguration ceremony of CITHMS was held on 16th March 2019. The program was hosted by Mr. Asif Javed Executive Director CITHMS. e addressed students & their parents that CITHMS is an institution where students can get quality international education

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